golden years massages - 30/60 mins  £25/£35

'using gentle hand motions - these motions are comfortable and soothing to the body'
golden years massage involves the following techniques:

  • Use of gentle hand motions. These motions are comfortable and soothing to the body. They are designed to improve blood circulation and, relieve muscle tension, and relax the body and the mind.

  • Passive movement and gentle stretching of shoulders, legs and feet to improve joint mobility and flexibility.

  • Gentle massaging of the hands and feet (if the joints are not inflamed) to prevent stiffness and relieve pain.

  • Occasional use of stronger movements such as friction and pressure strokes. These are sometimes used to massage such areas as the shoulders to improve flexibility.

  • Can be done in adapted positions (such as side lying if unable to lie on back or stomach) with extra pillows for support and comfort.


benefits of massage therapy for the elderly:

 Various researches have been carried out related to this subject and researches conclude that massage therapies have beneficial effects on mental and physical health and well-being of elderly. Such treatments have been proved to give positive impact on patients suffering from Alzheimer. Following are some of the advantages of massage therapy for elderly:


  • Massage therapy gives them relaxation and comfort.

  • It helps in dealing with depression of old age.

  • It improves their communication.

  • It enhances their movement range by lubricating their joints naturally.

  • These treatments work wonders for relieving pain of arthritis patients.

  • Massage improves mental health of elderly.

  • It enhances their level of energy.

  • It builds co-ordination of muscles and increases strength.

  • It improves blood circulation within your body.

  • It helps in pain management related to various ailments and improves their quality of life.

  • It improves their body posture by de-stressing your tensed muscles.

  • It makes your body more flexible.

  • Massage therapies affects sleep routines and duration and enable elderly to enjoy longer and peaceful duration of sleep.

  • Overall treatments tend to reduce ailments and troubles related with the process of aging and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Note – due to treatment rooms being on the 1st floor client must be able to climb a flight of stairs.

             It always best to double check with your GP that they are happy for you to receive a massage treatment.