sports massage - 30/45/60 mins   £30/£35/£40

'helps improve sports performance, aid recovery after
training or reduce the risk of sustaining an injury'
what is sports and remedial massage?


Sports and Remedial Massage involves a firmer application of pressure using a mixture of techniques from Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point therapy and stretching. The benefits from these techniques include;


  • helping to improve sports performance

  • increasing circulation and lymphatic flow

  • helping to aid recovery from training by increasing blood flow through the tissues

  • assisting in the removal of metabolic waste

  • stimulating the nervous system

  • increasing tissue flexibility

  • breaking down adhesion's and fibrous tissue

  • improving performance and quality of life

  • preparing an athlete for optimal performance.

  • helping to reduce the risk of injury


Sports and Remedial Massage may be able to help to improve your sports performance, aid recovery after training or reduce the risk of sustaining an injury. Treatments are not only beneficial for the competitive athlete, recreational sports person or fitness enthusiast. They're also designed to help hard working people whose jobs are physically demanding or stressful and also busy parents having to cope with a hectic home life.