head, back, neck & shoulder massage - 45 mins  £30

the benefits of head, back, neck & shoulder massage

This treatment uses techniques from Swedish Massage to manipulate the soft tissue of the head/scalp, back, neck and shoulders for therapeutic purposes combining flowing movements, deep pressure and brisk and vigorous techniques to aid muscle relaxation therefore reducing pain and stiffness within the muscle whilst also removing waste products (lactic acid and carbon dioxide). Proven to assist and stimulate circulation, this relaxing treatment can increase metabolism, encourage well-being and improve nourishment to joints and ligaments whilst also boosting the immune cells that may help fight against colds and flu.

tailor made massage & reflexology

188a Rainhill Road, Rainhill L35 4PL

(entrance via The Speakeasy Barbershop)

t. 07742 322 944  www.thetherapyhut.co.uk

sports, remedial, holistic massage & reflexology


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