hand & foot massage - 30 mins £25

hand & foot massage


Your hands work hard all day long, typing at computers/tablets, texting on phones, driving etc. Working all day with no rest can take its toll on your hands and your feet also do their fair share of work. These parts of the body can get fatigued with often very little attention or regard.


A hand and foot treatment can give these essential body parts the rest and rejuvenation they need to keep working hard for you all day, every day. Relieving pain In addition to helping you feel relaxed and relieving anxiety, a foot massage can actually help you feel physically better. Foot massage can also relieve everyday pain that typically happens due to flat feet or wearing ill-fitting shoes. When your arches fall, you don’t have the support you need to get through your day without pain. Planter Fasciitis can also be particularly painful and foot massage can help relieve painful symptoms when you need to be up on your feet.

tailor made massage & reflexology

188a Rainhill Road, Rainhill L35 4PL

(entrance via The Speakeasy Barbershop)

t. 07742 322 944  www.thetherapyhut.co.uk

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