the history of massage


For thousands of years massage has been used to sooth the body and mind and to relieve sickness.


The earliest evidence of massage was found in the early fifth century BC by Hippocrates the "father of medicine" who said that massage or rubbing could aid problems of a joint.


After the fall of Rome in the fifth century AD, little progress was made in Europe. However the Arabs continued the teachings with an eleventh century philosopher called Aveicenna, leading the research.


There is historical evidence of illustrations of massage application in China, Japan and Egypt.  This indicates that the eastern world was also making their own continuous discoveries of the benefits of massage.


Massage as we know it today, was developed at the beginning of the nineteenth century by a swede called Per Henrik Ling.  He developed a system from his knowledge of gymnastics and physiology and from Chinese, Egyptian, Roman and Greek techniques to produce what is known as the Swedish Massage.

the holistic approach


Holistic means the whole and is derived from the Greek word 'Holos'. Holistic approach considers the mind, body and spirit as one. The body works as one unit made up of different systems. If one body system begins to dysfunction then other body systems will over compensate for it by changing the way they work, therefore the whole body can be affected. During a holistic treatment, we believe that we should treat the cause and not the symptoms. Usually, with conventional treatments the symptoms would be treated.


Whether you are suffering from aches and pains, stress, a particular ailment or just feel the need to be pampered. I can deliver an effective therapy to help to relieve symptoms and restore balance to your bodies system. 


tailor made massage & reflexology

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